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About Us

Trinity Preschool is a neighborhood, nature-based preschool located in Herndon, Virginia. We aim to nurture the physical, mental, spiritual, and social growth of each child according to his or her needs. 

Trinity Preschool offers children, ages three through five, a relaxed and caring environment. Our small classes and experienced staff ensure that our students receive the personal attention that is necessary for a happy and successful preschool experience. Planned and open-ended activities encourage development of verbal communication, social skills, and large and small motor skills. We ensure a rich and  varied preschool experience by providing a range of creative encounters in the fields of art, music, language arts, natural science, and beginning mathematics.


At Trinity we are passionate about giving children the space to learn and grow in a developmentally appropriate environment. Children love learning in our outdoor classrooms and the adventures that await them each day in nature. There is so much to discover in the great outdoors. At Trinity, we prepare them for their next steps and plant the seed for a lifetime love of learning. 


Children learn and grow best through play. Children's bodies are meant to move and play, and their minds are naturally programmed to be curious. What better place to play, learn, and find inspiration than the great outdoors?

Nature offers countless adventures and opportunities for creativity, discovery, empathy, problem solving, and fun! Nature also enhances the many developing physical and cognitive functions of our preschool friends. Being outside positively effects a child's mood, concentration, attention, motor coordination, stress levels, and increases social interaction with adults and other children.


At Trinity Preschool we value joy, kindness, curiosity, determination, care for the natural world, equity, inclusivity, and cooperative and unhurried play. As a church-sponsored institution, Trinity Presbyterian Preschool endeavors to reflect Christian values within its activities. Emphasizing care and respect for others and ourselves without regard to race, faith, or nationality. Stories, prayers and songs appropriate for young children are included in the curriculum.

Come Out and Play...



Trinity Preschool

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