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Using Dramatic Play to Express Feelings

Many people are experiencing heightened levels of stress right now, including children. Let’s give them an opportunity to express and work through those big feelings in a way that makes sense for them, through play!

Does your child know someone who is sick? Is your child worried about getting sick? Maybe playing doctor’s office will give them a chance to express those feelings.

Gather some items you might find in a doctor’s office.

If you don’t have medical toys, get creative! A paper cup and some string could make a great stethoscope. Use some paper towels as table paper. Gather some magazines and a few chairs and you’ve got a waiting room. Creating materials can be part of the fun.

Included in this weeks packet, you will find a few printouts to use as props. Again, you can always make your own props. Maybe you could create an eye chart that has a hidden name or message in it.

Play with your child and give him or her a little space to share how they are feeling. A bit of play could help us all feel a little lighter.

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